Linux Desktops

Posted on 2019-02-28

Hello, today I wanna talk about Linux Desktop enviroments, and my opinions about them. SO let's get right into it:

I'm in a love-hate relationship with GNOME, it is a desktop which I used a LONG time. Some people say its very heavy, however I never had any issues with it on my machine. GNOME lacks in terms of customization. It is just a little bit more customizable then Windows 10.

2. KDE
KDE has good and bad sites. I'm actually using KDE while writing this. I like the perfect integration of Qt and there are very powerful KDE apps. However IMO KDE only works good on KDE Neon and openSUSE. On other distirbution KDE is totally bugged. Also KMail isn't very good. Anyways, it is extremly customizable. You can change EVERYTHING and I really like this.

3. Xfce
Xfce is actually a good desktop. I also used Xfce for quite a time and I liked it. However Xfces problem is its look. In my opinion there are no good and modern GTK2 themes out there. It will be better once Xfce has full GTK+3 support.

4. LXDE/Qt
I know that it exists, also used it for a short time. Pretty nice and I'm very excited for LXQt.

I used MATE. Only on Ubuntu MATE. TBH it was the first Linux desktop I ever used on a Raspberry Pi. It is really nice and customizable. It is the KDE on the GTK side if you know what I mean because it is so damn customizable. I prefer it over GNOME.

6. Budgie/Cinnamon
I know, I know some of you will hate me for putting them into one but they felt like the same for me. They are the best desktops for people who like the Windows concept.

7. Deepin
I never used it but it actually looks nice. We need more distributions using it. I'm a bit afraid of the Chinese stuff in it.

Sorry that I didn't covered Sugar, EDE, Pantheon, Moksha and what else still exists.

Finally I would say that KDE is the best Qt desktop and MATE the best GTK. Now it depends on you what you prefer :-)