This page contains several mirrors that I offer.
Of course this site is also available as a hidden service: cgtkfoitbt4saxubzrvuvu3353smpucu44wax44eyi6wdaddmfjzppyd.onion:8080
Be sure you connect over port 8080 then!

I mirror the following stuff.
If it's a git repository feel free to do a git clone
E.g "git clone https://www.emilengler.com/mirrors/bitcoin.git"
The cloning takes some seconds. You don't get a log like you do at GitHub
It is not possible to view the repository over HTTPS, you will get a 403 Forbidden.
Only cloning works

* bitcoin.git The Git repository of Bitcoin Core (Updated at every reboot. At least every day at 2AM UTC)
* Bitcoin Core v0.18.1 The offical binaries of Bitcoin Core signed by Wladimir J. van der Laan (Updated after every new release; latest 2019-08-09)
* sysget.git The sysget git repository (Updated at every reboot. At least every day at 2AM UTC)

If you want your stuff here, contact me and I will mirror your repository (if I like it)