Why you should run a Bitcoin full-node

Hello, I can highly recommend you to run a Bitcoin full node. The main reason for this is that every node is securing the network. If nobody would run a full-node those people who are doing it would be so powerful. Nodes are more powerful than miners because they can reject everything. If someone does a 51% attack he needs to have this amount of nodes. In other currencies like BCash 49% of all nodes are controlled by Alibaba. Thats just too centralized. The best thing is that every user uses a full node like it was the case in 2009/2010. Another big point is that you do not need to rely on other services you have your full node, you are your own bank! Not using a full node is like being a bank with the trust for someone else. Imagine like you are a bank and another person (which isn’t affiliated with the bank) does the management (doing to paper stuff). I often hear that people do not run full-nodes because they don’t have that much disk space. This is completely bullshit because you can also run a full-node in a pruning mode. This reduces the disk space of the blockchain by deleting old blocks. A block is made of two parts. The block header and the block body. The block header contains the relevant information like transactions, addresses, timestamp of the block etc. The body just contains the signatures. The block body takes the most disk space. Pruning deletes the block body from some older blocks. If you want to read more about pruning read this here. Another cool thing about full-nodes is the feature to do development with it. For example you can implement your own payment gateway with a full-node by ease (I’m currently doing something like this). It is really funny because lots of full nodes have features like JSON RPC (Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Knots).

Finally I would highly recommend you setting up your own full node by downloading Bitcoin Core (or another implementation if you know which)

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