What’s bad about genders

Hello, in this post I want to talk about why genders suck and why we don’t need them in our community.

First, I know that it is biological impossible to get rid of genders and I won’t talk about biological stuff in this post here. This post is more cultural.

Ok let is begin: Why we need genders in our culture ? Why we are not removing them ? This idea sounds pretty weird if you have never heard from it before but just think about it for a few minutes or so. You will notice that they aren’t really necessary.

Let’s continue: Genders are only causing problems. We wouldn’t deal with sexism, discrimination because of someones sexuality, feminism and equality of people who aren’t male or female.

All of those subjects suck and we wouldn’t have them if we had no genders in our culture.

My view is the postgender movement if you haven’t noticed it. This means that I want absolute equality of all genders which can be only reached by removing them from our culture and laws.

I mean just let the people do what they want. Let people marry who they want, let a men do an abortion if he want (Even if it is not possible).

Why you need to care about it ?

I also discussed this topic with some friends and they gave me the argument that this would be bad at airport controls.

But keep in mind, there is a difference between investigating someone and sexual abuse.

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