Comparison of Software Licenses

Hello, in this article I want to compare some free software licenses and say my opinion about it.


If I release a software under the GPL it is mostly a software where I do not ant that someone else is forking it and distributes it without the source code. This is mostly on bigger software projects like sysget.


I use the AGPL for all the stuff that is web development. Period.


In the past, I used the MIT License for everything. Nowadays I use it for projects and tools which are bigger (Not a small script) and I can imagine that people are going to redistribute it even closed-source. I choose it to give other developers an easier way to use because the GPL is hard.


It is there for libraries but I do not use it. I prefer MIT for libraries. I still do not know why TermGet is licensed under the LGPL ?

Apache / Mozilla Licenses

I never used one of these

Public Domain

Since a few months I release a lot of stuff that I do into the public domain. Mostly some small scripts like my WordPress backdoor. I choose it to give other developers an easy way to use my work. They can still credit me which I like but they are not forced to :-). I recommend you to use The Unlicense. It includes a legal disclaimer and a fallback license if a country has no public domain. The CC0 is just a license which imitates public domain.

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