People think that they are safe on Social Networks…

Hello, in this post I just want to talk about how stupid humans become. I am usually not a fan of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I prefer Twitter. However I still have accounts on those platforms for the following reasons:

  1. To secure my username from abuse
  2. To stalk people that I know

I am not common user on those social networks. I do not “like” posts there, post posts and not even comment on posts. I am mostly invisible on those networks. The reason for this is that I know that everything I do there is being logged FOREVER. I also don’t chat there (Which people are actually doing). But today I saw someone who posted something in her story which just made angry. She posted a weed joint. I never consumed weed and it is not bad in my opinion but it is illegal here in Germany. I don’t get why people are that stupid and post illegal stuff publicly on the internet. Now, please do not come me with stuff like “But my profile is private”.

Private for who ?

Not private for the platform and definitely not private for governments.

Think before posting

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