Why I don’t use a Mac

Hello, this post isn’t a “Whats bad about” post. I actually like Macs and I have no problems when people are using them. But in this article I want to point out why I don’t use a Mac

My first problem is that you are forced to use an Apple-ID. Well you are not but if you don’t use an Apple ID you cannot update your system (over the App Store). This is essential especially for security fixes

My second problem is the encryption method Apple uses. I know that you can VeraCrypt but the Apple FileVault is a bit suspicious to me. Like all users are in the bootloader. WTF! A full-disk encryption for me means that you enter a passphrase at the startup and then start to work.

My third problem with Macs is that you cannot change the hardware of your Mac. You can’t switch the memory, CPU and not even drives.

My fourth problem is the price. It is relative but there is no need to explain more about this problem 🙂

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