What’s bad about Google Chrome

Hello, in this blog post I want to talk about why I reject to use Google Chrome.

My first issue with Chrome is that it is useless. Why you would use a closed-source software if there is a free one ? There is already Chromium which uses the same Web-Engine and looks exactly the same like Google Chrome. Chromium is free software.

My second issue with Chrome are the difference with Chromium. Wait, you just said that there are no differences except that the source code is closed. Well the differences are that Google Chrome has DRM-support and if you know me, you know that I hate DRM at all. Also Chrome only allows extensions from the Google Web store.

My third issue with Chrome is that Chrome is scanning your PC and Downloads for malware. This is a violence of privacy in my opinion. Because on this way Google knows every file which is on your computer even if they know a checksum only. Also Google knows your IP address every time you start your browser because the browser is checking if the extensions are up-to-date.

My last issue with Chrome is the re-design with Chrome 69. I know that you can turn it off but this made me to switch away from Chrom(e/ium). The Google engineers simply added a “border-radius: 99999px;”.

Finally I need to say that Firefox is a better browser and you should switch to it or at least to a an open-source Chromium based browser like Chromium.

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