What’s bad about Netflix

Hello, in this post I want to talk about why I hate Netflix.

Disclaimer: I even was Netflix subscriber for around 1 year.

Ok let us start with my biggest problem. Netflix requires to run non-free software. For most of you this might not be an issue but I want that my should work without any addons which are restricting what the fuck I can do. I even don’t understand the reason behind it. They can simply do the stuff which Youtube is doing. Lots of people don’t even know how to download Youtube videos. And it is not a way to minimize piracy. You can still record your screen on someway even if you are recording your whole HDMI output with a capture card. People who say: “Uhhhh but it is there to not share series with your friends who don’t have Netflix”. This argument is totally bullshit. I never copied any CD/DVD which I have for a friend. It would be probably easier for both of us to just pirate it. So finally I can say that using DRM is like using a wheelchair if you can walk fine. This makes me to reject Netflix because it is such a threat of freedom that I just cannot use it. Ok let’s continue with the second argument, it is more a personal problem: The Netflix Originals are the biggest piece of shit. I never found any Netflix Original Show good (except Everything Sucks!). Also they are not real series, they are just movies which are stretched into episodes. A serie is for me something “endless” like South Park, The Simpons or Family Guy. My third problem with it is that Netflix became mainstream. A lot of people just see Netflix as a thing which everyone has. My 4th problem is that you pay what the people want to see. Netflix abuses your privacy to detect what people want to see and you pay for it! Yes, you have no right to decide which being shown on Netflix. It would be much better if there would be a voting system. My 5th problem is that they want to sign you an EULA which is very strict. Simply read it on your own, which you should do on everything you sign 🙂 My last issue is that Netflix is a member of the MPAA an organization to restrict media on the internet.

Finally I want to give you the advice to cancel your Netflix subscription and no longer support this service.

Also big thanks to Richard Stallman who showed me the dark side of Netflix with this good and smaller article.

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