Is it worth to learn C++ in 2019

Hello, in this post I want to talk about if it’s worth to learn C++ in 2019?

The short version:

If you want to learn more about your computer or want to write highly efficent applications to calculate a simulation of 1000 atombombs exploding at the same time, then yes. If you want to create applications then no.

The long answer:

C++ is a very powerful language it is good for doing stuff where you need every piece of performance. It is also good for embedded systems or small devices like thermometers where you have not powerful CPUs. C++ also has the advantage that you can do much low-level stuff on your PC. A lot of modern programming languages don’t know Pointers and stuff like this. However for applications C++ isn’t in time anymore, I know I created sysget in C++ and the reason behind this is that it is just a very simple command line application. I created it in C++ because I found it a little bit too overkill to create it in a higher language. Also I wanted a binary and not a Python file for example. However C++ is just too low level to create real desktop applications in it. You should do this in another language I think. However C++ is still a very nice language and I love it to create stuff in it 🙂

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