Linux Lite sucks

Hi, I was looking for an lightweight Linux distribution so I’ve tried Linux Lite. My first problem with it was that it had no UEFI support. I mean we have 2018 and in 9 hours we’ll have 2019 and this distro has no UEFI support. The distro also looks very patched together. You have a fully configured user profile which is copied from /etc/skel. Another problem with it was the german translation. A lot of programs I use have a german translation. It first asked me to change the folder names to my language. I clicked yes. Then I had every folder twice. Also lots of programs which are shipped by default don’t have a german translation installed.

Finally I can say that if you want an english system on old computer it would be ok to use Linux Lite but I now user Peppermint 9 and I’m more happier than ever so you should use this instead of Lite.

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