On 2019-08-25 I (tried to) switch to english Dvorak.
This page will be a diary for my experience.

2019-08-22: I bought these Dvorak stickers for my keyboard.
2019-08-25: The stickers have arrived. I type very very slow (5 words per minute)
2019-08-27: By now I know where every character is but I still need to look at the keyboard for typing. Also the use of Vim is pretty awkward.
2019-08-28: I feel I get better and better from day to day.
2019-09-01: I do programming again but I am still much slower than I was. T guess that I type around 15 words per minute now
2019-09-13: I feel much faster now. I am slower on QWERTZ than on Dvorak (because I slowed down there). I think in 4 weeks I'm fluent
2019-09-20: I got these new stickers. My old stickers were transparent so there were many bubbles and I sometimes typed the QWERTZ key because it was still visible