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Why I left Google Chrome and won't go back

12th of September 2018

Chrome had it's 10th anniversity this month. so they made a re-design. I really hate the new Google material designs. They are beatiful on mobile devices but ugly on a traditional desktop pc. That's why I switched to Chromium on my Linux notebook and Opera on my Windows 10 PC. If Chromium gets a re-design too I will switch completely to Opera. The reason why I don't use Chromium on Windows 10 is because it doesn't update automaticly and that is very important in Windows at all. Anyway I felt a kind of sad after leaving Google Chrome after ~7 years but this is not the browser that I want. I know that Opera is owned by Chinese☭ organisations but the Chinese☭ government is not better or worser than the US.

Why I've added an expiration date to my GPG Key

9th of September 2018

I've just added an expiration date to my GPG key. This has several reasons:

1st: No lock-out
If I ever loose my private key I know that I just need to wait a specific amount of time and it will become invalid. This could be useful if you don't have a revoke cert.

2nd: More updates
Even if I update my PGP key I need to perform a new one after the key becomes expired

So on the 1st January 2020 my key will become invalid and I will create a new one ;)

Introducing EGet

1st of September 2018

I spent the last 2 days building a 'package manager' for my software. I came across the idea because I want a tool to update my software easily. I know that it could be phased with git pull but some of my friends don't actually know what git is. So I made a tool where you can easily install, update and remove my software. This tool was also build that you can easily fork it and made your own software delivery tool. By the way, I set package manager in marks because it isn't a package manager or a bad one. It doesn't support things like signature checks and so on. It is based of a single file which contains links to installation script. You can find an example here. Anyway, here is a short guide of it:

How to list all availibe packages

eget list

How to install a package

eget install [package name]

How to update a package

eget upgrade [package name]

How to update the list of availible packages

eget update

How to remove a package

eget remove [package name]

Why I love cryptocurrencies

28th of August 2018

I really love cryptocurrencies. The thing that I really love is the knowledge that my funds are safe there. I know that my money is also "protected" at german banks up to 100.000€ but I don't know what happens with my money. With cryptocurrencies I don't have those issues. The crypto in cryptocurrency really stands for something. It means that your funds are only moving with a cryptographic signature so you and only you are able to send funds. Sooner or later I will post some tutorials to get a deeper knowledge about them.

My opinion about mobile messengers

23th of August 2018

In this post I want to give a short overview about mobile messengers. I personally use and love Telegram and I will later explain why.
Now lets start with the ranking:

1st: Telegram
Telegram is probably the best messenger on this earth it supports bots, extreme large groups and so on. Even if some people say that your data is not safe with telegram I cannot admit it. Yes it's true that they store your data unencrypted on thier servers but they really respect your privacy that's why Telegram is blocked in Russia. I also really love usernames, stickers and the secret chats are great too. With Secret Chats your chats are safer than ever and the self-destruction timer really rocks.

2nd: Signal
I really love Signal too. It is not so feature rich like Telegram but it is extremly safe and 100% Open-Source. With 100% I really mean 100%, even the source code of the server is public and licensed under AGPLv3. Anyway Signal also encrypts your data and the video calls are extremly cool. The big contra is the userbase. From my friends only ONE has Signal.

3rd: Threema
Well I won't use Threema because it is not open source. But I would still say that it is a safe to use messenger.

Please uninstall WhatsApp
It is not open source so you cannot check that anything is being encrypted (well except the connection to the server), I don't trust Facebook at all and I'm very sure that they already recieved a NSL

Learning japanese (hiragana)

22th of August 2018

I am a huge fan of Japan, the japanese culture, the japanese language and nearly everything else that is associated with japan. So I decided to learn japanese. I've bought myself the book GENKI and also the GENKI workbook. To start with a new language you should always learn the font. Japanese has 3 hiragana, katakana and kanji. I started with hiragana and I'm really happy with it. I don't wan't to learn how to write it because I don't write so often with a pen more with a computer or smartphone. Anyway I've created a tool to make hiragana learning more easier. You can find it on the index site of this website, my GitHub profile or with this link.

I now have an IRC Server

19th of August 2018

I just created my IRC-Server you can find the IP on the sidebar. The fastest way to contact me will be over IRC. Just wirte me a PM, I don't bite.

I no longer have an IRC

First Blog entry

19th of August 2018

This blog rocks