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My favourite music songs

18th of Novmeber 2018

First sorry that I'm not writing an article about cool stuff like Linux or Cryptocurrencies. This time I want to share my favourite songs with you because in 90% of my time while I'm coding I am also listening to music. Maybe I'm more producitve if I don't but without the whole thing makes no fun.
Ok, so let's start the show:

  1. Love is a Shield - Camouflage
  2. Teenager Liebe - Die Aerzte
  3. Alles nur geklaut - Die Prinzen
  4. Heart Skips a Beat - Olly Murs
  5. Go West - Pet Shop Boys
  6. Two Princes - Spin Doctors
  7. Zombie - The Cranberries
  8. Wonderwall - Oasis
  9. Around the World - ATC
Q: How are you listening to music ?
A: Spotify (The snap)

Q: Can you do a Spotify Playlist ?
A: No

Announcing my APT repo

28th of October 2018

Dear blog readers. I'm happy to announce that I have now have my own APT repo. I will ship my software and updates over there. At the moment only sysget and termget are availible there. You should add it with this command (change bionic to stable if you are on debian):
sudo wget -qO - https://apt.emilengler.com/signkey.asc | sudo apt-key add && sudo echo "deb https://apt.emilengler.com/ bionic main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/emilengler.list && sudo apt update
I will maintain ubuntu bionic (and future ubuntu lts versions) and debian stable only because it is a hell to maintain and APT repo. FYI: I've created this repo from scratch without any tool. I also maintain it by hand which isn't that handy.

sysget to the moon

18th of October 2018

I know this post is around 10 days too late but it is better than to do nothing. I started working on sysget on the 5th of October as you can see in the blog (Damn a blog is also a good diary and timeline). When version 1.0 was released I made an announcement on r/linux. At this evening it had around 10 stars which was incredible for a project that I've made. However I got tired like any other person and I went to bed. On the next morning I was waked up by my mobile phone because I've got an E-Mail by GitHub because someone made a pull request. I was extremly happy because I never got a pull request on a project that I maintain. I turned on my Computer to review everything like any normal person would do. I opened GitHub and saw that the project has 108 stars. I didn't trusted my own eyes after I saw this. I refreshed the site around 100-times but the coutner was increasing. I then opened the site on my iPhone but it told me the same. I was very confused why it got so many stars so I googled 'sysget package manager' and I found out an article on Hackernews. I've read it and some people even commented that I've made TermGet. Sorry Pizza :(. sysget got very good reviews that kept me to continue my work on it. I've added snap and npm soon after. Flatpak is a problem at the moment because flatpak does not come with a default repo. Anyway I got +100 stars on the same day and +150 on the next day so I am at 380 stars now. I got really good code contribution especially from nploi thank you for this! Also thanks to my friend SadError256 for helping me out with the comments and I also need to thank dwbrite for giving me advices to make the code more readable. I will continue working on sysget and also TermGet. I also want to say that sysget has a philosophy which says that all package managers should support all functions and also the KISS principe.

New Server & The IRC is back

10th of October 2018

Hello, I just changed the host of this site. It is now no longer hosted at dc4.us. Instead of this I've moved to my own VPS. The provider has very fair prices. 10USD per year. The server is hosted in Buffalo, New York. Now that I am the full dictator of my server I can do whatever the fuck I want to do with it. Sorry I cannot host a Bitcoin Full Node on it (yeah, limited bandwidth and only a 20GB SSD). However I now host an IRC-Network availible at irc.emilengler.com. I will add stuff like ChanServ and NickServ soon. Hope someone is talking with me there. The thing why I host my own IRC network is that I want to leave Discord and I need a chat method (I will also be availible on freenode of course). However most of my software-projects are availible there. This also the fastest way to contact me because an I always have an IRC client open even if I'm afk in the chatrooms I will get a message if you write me a PM. Also the offical sysget channel will be there once everything is setted up properly.

sysget - A global package manager front-end

5th of October 2018

You probably all know TermGet. It is a great project where I am also a developer. However for me it is a kind of annoying to always start TermGet and then do the operation. To solve this problem I'm spending my time on a new project called sysget. The huge difference between sysget and TermGet is that sysget runs over system arguments (That's also the the reason for the name). So you don't startup a program, you do sysget install firefox. If you want to remove it, you do sysget remove firefox. If you want to update your system you do sysget update && sysget upgrade. The syntax is mostly based upon apt-get so it should be easy for everyone to use. It is also written fully in C++ without any dependency needed (except the package manager you want to use). So you just need the binary.
Holy moly we have more than 350 stars. I never imagined that it would be so much. I still cannot belive this.

First look on EuroTrack

2nd of October 2018

I'm currently working on a new system to track the location of Euro-banknotes. It is being called EuroTrack or €uroTrack. I know that there is still the great EuroBillTracker community which was started at the same day when the euro was released in 2002. My problem with this site is, that it is outdated even the mobile version looks like iOS before iOS 7. My new website is based upon material design which looks great on pc and mobile devices. I've also developed an API so you can easily build clients for it. I will start to work on a mobile app for it before releasing it which will support OCR detection of the serial number. The huge difference is that EuroTrack is a kind of anonymous. You don't need an account but you need a name while adding an entry to a banknote. This system is more faster and it can also handle ranklists (in theory). Of course you can easily false a nickname but that wouldn't give you an advantage. I will do the major release when the mobile app is done. The server will be open source under AGPL and the clients under GPL.

My problem with keyservers

2nd of October 2018

Hello, you probably all know PGP keyservers. My keys are on the keyservers. My primary key which expires on the 1st of January 2020 and a key that I revoked which was a testing key that I've created on my iPhone. However I think keyservers should remove or not display revoked keys anymore. Once it is on the keyservers it will stay there forever and that's a privacy problem in my opinion. I am fan of decentralisation and blockchain but it keyservers should really hide revoked or expired keys because nobody cares about them anymore. However my keys and future keys will be uploaded to the keyservers but please don't trust any key on the keyservers except the owner proofed his ownership on his website/twitter or something else. I also changed the link PGP Key on my sidebar. It now links to my Keybase account where my current and up-to-date pgp is linked. I am huge fan of keybase (except that you cannot register revoked device names again) because you can link every social platform and your pgp key there. It also offers file hosting and git resporitories which I don't use. Also the chats are very cool.

My adventure in C++

27th of September 2018

I always wanted to learn C++ and write efficent code in it. I've done some basic stuff in C++ already. My only C++ project atm is the TermGet C++ port which is should update btw. However in the next time I will focus more on C++ development because I want to write in a lower-level language. I also bought this german book. I also wanted to contribute to some C++ projects like Telegram Desktop or Bitcoin Core. Anyway let's see where the journey takes me...

Why I left Google Chrome and won't go back

12th of September 2018

Chrome had it's 10th anniversity this month. so they made a re-design. I really hate the new Google material designs. They are beatiful on mobile devices but ugly on a traditional desktop pc. That's why I switched to Chromium on my Linux notebook and Opera on my Windows 10 PC. If Chromium gets a re-design too I will switch completely to Opera. The reason why I don't use Chromium on Windows 10 is because it doesn't update automaticly and that is very important in Windows at all. Anyway I felt a kind of sad after leaving Google Chrome after ~7 years but this is not the browser that I want.

Why I've added an expiration date to my GPG Key

9th of September 2018

I've just added an expiration date to my GPG key. This has several reasons:

1st: No lock-out
If I ever loose my private key I know that I just need to wait a specific amount of time and it will become invalid. This could be useful if you don't have a revoke cert.

2nd: More updates
Even if I update my PGP key I need to perform a new one after the key becomes expired

So on the 1st January 2020 my key will become invalid and I will create a new one ;)

Introducing EGet

1st of September 2018

I spent the last 2 days building a 'package manager' for my software. I came across the idea because I want a tool to update my software easily. I know that it could be phased with git pull but some of my friends don't actually know what git is. So I made a tool where you can easily install, update and remove my software. This tool was also build that you can easily fork it and made your own software delivery tool. By the way, I set package manager in marks because it isn't a package manager or a bad one. It doesn't support things like signature checks and so on. It is based of a single file which contains links to installation script. You can find an example here. Anyway, here is a short guide of it:

How to list all availibe packages

eget list

How to install a package

eget install [package name]

How to update a package

eget upgrade [package name]

How to update the list of availible packages

eget update

How to remove a package

eget remove [package name]

Why I love cryptocurrencies

28th of August 2018

I really love cryptocurrencies. The thing that I really love is the knowledge that my funds are safe there. I know that my money is also "protected" at german banks up to 100.000€ but I don't know what happens with my money. With cryptocurrencies I don't have those issues. The crypto in cryptocurrency really stands for something. It means that your funds are only moving with a cryptographic signature so you and only you are able to send funds. Sooner or later I will post some tutorials to get a deeper knowledge about them.

My opinion about mobile messengers

23th of August 2018

In this post I want to give a short overview about mobile messengers. I personally use and love Telegram and I will later explain why.
Now lets start with the ranking:

1st: Telegram
Telegram is probably the best messenger on this earth it supports bots, extreme large groups and so on. Even if some people say that your data is not safe with telegram I cannot admit it. Yes it's true that they store your data unencrypted on thier servers but they really respect your privacy that's why Telegram is blocked in Russia. I also really love usernames, stickers and the secret chats are great too. With Secret Chats your chats are safer than ever and the self-destruction timer really rocks.

2nd: Signal
I really love Signal too. It is not so feature rich like Telegram but it is extremly safe and 100% Open-Source. With 100% I really mean 100%, even the source code of the server is public and licensed under AGPLv3. Anyway Signal also encrypts your data and the video calls are extremly cool. The big contra is the userbase. From my friends only ONE has Signal.

3rd: Threema
Well I won't use Threema because it is not open source. But I would still say that it is a safe to use messenger.

Please uninstall WhatsApp
It is not open source so you cannot check that anything is being encrypted (well except the connection to the server), I don't trust Facebook at all and I'm very sure that they already recieved a NSL

Learning japanese (hiragana)

22th of August 2018

I am a huge fan of Japan, the japanese culture, the japanese language and nearly everything else that is associated with japan. So I decided to learn japanese. I've bought myself the book GENKI and also the GENKI workbook. To start with a new language you should always learn the font. Japanese has 3 hiragana, katakana and kanji. I started with hiragana and I'm really happy with it. I don't wan't to learn how to write it because I don't write so often with a pen more with a computer or smartphone. Anyway I've created a tool to make hiragana learning more easier. You can find it on the index site of this website, my GitHub profile or with this link.

I now have an IRC Server

19th of August 2018

I just created my IRC-Server you can find the IP on the sidebar. The fastest way to contact me will be over IRC. Just wirte me a PM, I don't bite.

I no longer have an IRC

First Blog entry

19th of August 2018

This blog rocks