Emil Engler - About

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So after all who am I?
I'm Emil Engler and live in Germany. It is a beatiful country in the middle of Europe.
I do computer science and programming since I'm 10 years old.
Most of my software is Free Software which you can find on my GitHub Profile.
In 2017 I discovered Bitcoin (even I heard from it earlier; in 2013 the first time probably). Since a few months I contribute actively to Bitcoin Core.
Before that I was doing stuff with package manager and written a wrapper for all of them which got popular at Reddit and Hackernews. I still maintain it and you can find it here. I'm also a huge privacy advocate, thats why this website is also available as a hidden service.
With this I want to show people that Tor isn't as bad as the media always says and I also want to make certain things available to countries where it is blocked.
Thats why I mirror certain repositories, which you can find here.
My favorite programming languages are C++, PHP, Python and several others. I like to learn new ones to expand my knowledge.
Oh, I'm also a member of the German Pirate Party and Stratum 0.
And in the New Testament I believe it there's nothing new, it's just true.